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me when doing assignments

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Little Book of Bending

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I love this quote. I love this movie.

This scene impressed me so much when I first saw it. It still fills me with… idk something. I love it.

Still one of my favorite lines from a movie ever. 

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for Ariele, the person who got me into this tragically beautiful ship

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me making decisions in video games: *thoroughly researches consequences, reads multiple walkthroughs, explores every other course of action in detail*
me making decisions in real life: well what's the worse that could happen
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innocence is the first that is taken from a child. there is no place for innocence in a world full of monsters.

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DC is being all gritty and “realistic” and Marvel just had a movie where the galaxy is saved by a dance-off and the power of friendship

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graphic battle | strengthofyourhearts vs. edwardrockbells

round six: avatar: the last airbender + rainbow

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